Saturday, 23 February 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

I love going to the local library and getting books, DVD's, and music from the children's library. Admittedly, the books are not just for my son, but for me as well. We read a lot of books at our house so it's easy to get sick of the same book over and over again very quickly! That's why I'm thankful for the library! Every couple weeks I go and get some new books. My son loves it too. This past week I picked up a book called, "Max and Mo Make a Snowman"! After reading the book, we found instructions in the back for how to make the same snowman craft that the hamsters made in the book. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and so we did! I had been collecting our toilet paper rolls over the past couple weeks so we were set! Although a lot of the craft was done myself, my son loved gluing on the eyes, mouth, buttons, and cotton balls. He did great with the little pieces and was eager to help out! He loved to watch me put it all together. He even started singing the Frosty song as we worked. I added some of my own special touches that the book didn't suggest and this is how it turned out! We made a snowman for everyone in our family! 

What you need: 
toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)
construction paper (to cover rolls and to make hats) 
white cardstock (for body, and base)
white glue
glue stick
twigs (for arms - or toothpicks as the book suggests)
peppercorns (for eyes and mouth)
small buttons (optional)
ribbon (various styles/colour for scarf)
*the book makes the hat from an egg carton but I didn't like how that looked so I used construction paper*
cotton balls (for snow - my added touch!)

What to do: 
Tape together 2 or 3 toilet paper rolls OR use a paper towel roll, using a glue stick glue construction paper around rolls. Cut three circles out of cardstock for body and tape together at back. Using white glue, glue on eyes, mouth, buttons, and arms to the body. Then glue body to the paper rolls and let dry. (trim rolls if they are too large and stick up at the top) Add a scarf to your snowman by wrapping ribbon around the roll. Make a simple not or half not and glue to snowman body to hold in place. Cut a piece of cardstock and fold on each side for the snow base. Using white glue, glue on cotton balls and glue base to the snowman for added support. Let dry. 

To make a hat. Cut a strip of black construction paper, roll it to make a cylinder, and glue using a gluestick. Do the same with a small strip of coloured construction paper for the ribbon around the hat. Cut two circles for the base of the hat and the top of the hat. Use white glue around the rim of the cylinder and glue on base and top. Let dry, then glue hat to your snowman!

A fun winter activity to decorate your house or classroom AND a fun way to connect reading to something hands on! If your kids are older, you can help them refer back to the book for the instructions as they work on their snowman. A great way to learn how to read and follow instructions!

Have fun,

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